What can Contact Center Experts do for you?


We are Contact Center Specialists

  • We specialize in optimizing the experience for both customers and agents.
  • We specialize in complex contact center interactions and advanced scripting.
  • We specialize in custom contact center integrations including CRMs, ticketing systems and third party proprietary systems.
  • We specialize in creating custom CTI applications.
  • Our focus on contact center guarantees excellence.


“White Glove” services

  • Don’t lose revenue or customers due to poor scripting.
  • Get it done right by the specialists!
  • We will analyze your environment and all the scripts for common mistakes.
  • We will remediate any issues and verify the contact center follows Cisco and CTI best practices.
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HealthCheck by CTI

  • Do you have concerns regarding the stability of your Collaboration solutions?
  • Do you experience error messaging or poor call quality?
  • Has your contact center dropped important customer calls?
  • Are you preparing for an upgrade?
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  • Are your KPIs improving quarter over quarter?
  • Are your agents being as effective as they can be?
  • Is important 3rd party software integrated into the contact center?
  • Does your reporting data reflect your business concerns?
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Reduce customer frustration and improve satisfaction by offering a callback solution to your contact center. Our advanced callback solution can be tailored to your exact needs, at no additional cost!

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Voicemail PIN Reset

Reduce IT load by allowing your users to reset their own Voicemail PIN, automatically! With our Voicemail PIN Reset solution you’ll save countless tickets and support time by automating the process. Our solution is tailored to your exact needs!

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Do your supervisors and agents need to be able to re-skill themselves on the fly? Do you want to limit their access to the Contact Center management interface? Our Agent Skilling solution allows your supervisors and agents to re-skill themselves at will without IT involvement.

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